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Staten Island “Transit Czar” for the Staten Island Partnership for Transit and Resiliency Initiatives (SIPTRI) located in Staten Island, New York



In April 2018, the Staten Island Economic Development Corporation (SIEDC) announced that it would be launching a new effort to change the future of the borough – the Staten Island Partnership for Transit and Resiliency Initiatives (SIPTRI).

SIPTRI will be a hyper local, non-profit think tank focused on combining transportation planning, economic development opportunities and land use strategies to create an action plan for the borough’s future.

Staten Island serves as a critical link in the Southern ring of the regional transportation system by connecting New Jersey, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. However, the borough suffers from unequal transit investment, an incomplete and inefficient transit network and a lack of comprehensive planning and local autonomy.  



Initially, SIEDC will create a separate not-for-profit with the ability to raise and invest in local transportation funding and recruit board members. These board members from the local community will help select staff, evaluate and prioritize projects and determine how best to secure and allocate funds raised through new measures.

The board of local participants is critical to the success of SIPTRI. Not only will these local experts be involved in Staten Island’s first planning think-tank, they will participate in important committees with diverse goals.

  • Revenue Committee will be responsible for identifying and securing public and private funding
  • Innovation Committee which will research and propose new transit options
  • Planning Committee will evaluate all existing and proposed transportation plans and combine them into a long-term economic development and land use vision

This work will initiate a two year conversation with stakeholders which will result in a 25 year capital plan, a list of proposed projects and recommendations for the tools to fund them.



The “Transit Czar” will be the primary staffer for the SIPTRI think-tank. The primary functions of the Transit Czar will to serve as the figurehead for the group, interface with the board of directors and other stakeholders, analyze existing transportation and infrastructure issues in the borough, prioritize proposed projects and develop innovative and unique funding sources.

The Czar will plan, direct, lead and manage the operations, programs, services, and functions of SIPTRI which includes board management and governance, financial reporting, grant applications, budget management, meeting schedules, marketing, promotions and events etc.                                                                                                                       

The Czar will manage and coordinate activities of SIPTRI and integrate work across various agencies, departments, elected officials and other non-profits and assist the board of directors and drive change to achieve SIPTRI’s mission and provide written and verbal updates to the board as required.

The Czar will be responsible for the prioritization of location projects at the direction of the board of directors, securing required political support for said projects and developing a reliable and statutorily viable funding stream through various sources including but not limited to:

General Revenue & Taxes: Sales and Use Tax

  • Property Tax
  • Income & Corporate Tax

Vehicle Related Taxes:

  • Fuel Tax
  • License, Inspection and Title Fees

Market Based Sources:

  • Tolls & Congestion Pricing
  • Vehicles Miles Traveled Fee

Business Activities:

  • Corporate Income & Franchise Tax
  • Business License Fees

Personal Activities:

  • Lottery, Cigarette & Liquor Taxes
  • Hotel Room Tax

Transit Revenue:

  • Transit-Oriented Development
  • Impact Fees and Assessment Districts
  • Tax Increment Financing


  • Revenue Anticipation Notes
  • Lease Back Agreement

The Czar will be required to work with legislators and agencies to enact funding measures which will allow for SIPTRI to bank funds which will be used for studies, capital investment and transit improvements. The Czar will also be responsible for creating a self-sufficient staffing funding stream by Year 3 of operations.



Manage and lead the day-to-day operation including responsibility for: budget development and performance, overall strategic direction, work plan execution, legislative interactions and proposals for financing opportunities.

Manage the development and implementation of organizational goals, objectives, reporting, and priorities for each assigned service area; recommend and administer policies and procedures; ensure assigned program area compliance with local, state, and federal regulations; ensure consistent application and implementation policies, procedures, and practices throughout the organization; assess and monitor workload, administrative and support systems, and internal reporting relationships.

Develop and maintain the organization’s long term financial plan through subordinate division managers; recommend the long-term affordability model and alignment of agency resources and spending.

Plan and present materials to Board and other stakeholders and represent SIPTRI with elected officials, government organizations and key constituent groups.

Develop, administer and oversees the annual budgets, audits and other related financial requirements.



Minimum five (5) years of experience in managing transportation organizations, agencies, or finance operations, programs, and services within a large, complex organization, including at least three (3) years of staff supervisory, budgetary, and management responsibility.

  • Demonstrated ability to participate, in and advance goals and strategies of, a collaborative executive leadership team.
  • Ability to initiate and lead change in a time of growth, operational scaling and rapidly changing context; comfort level with ambiguity.
  • Proven success in adapting leadership style to a variety of partners and stakeholders.
  • Clear history of partnering and collaborating with leaders inside and outside an organization, to prioritize resources and spending, achieve goals, and deliver strong business results.

Additional consideration will be afforded to applicants with experience in the cities of Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, San Francisco, California and Minneapolis, Minnesota.



  • Ability to manage large, complex projects and making decisions in fast-paced environments and applying project management techniques and principles.


  • Experience preparing and analyzing complex data and comprehensive reports.


  • Interpreting and administering policies and procedures sufficient to administer, discuss, resolve, and explain them to staff and other constituencies.


  • Performing high-level negotiations and effectively partnering with other agencies and groups.


  • Conceptualizing, influencing, developing, and administering goals, objectives, guidelines, and procedures for transportation financing.


  • Analyzing and reviewing budgetary information to determine the impact on the organization.


  • Highly effective oral and written communication.



Minimum Master’s Degree in urban planning/policy, public administration, transportation policy. Academic experience in real estate, finance, accounting, business administration, economics, or closely related field preferred.


For Years 1 & 2 the position will be fully funded by the board of directors and the Czar will receive a $250,000 annual salary and the equivalent of $50,000 in benefits including health, dental, vision and retirement funds. A relocation to Staten Island a requirement of this position.


If you or someone in your network is interested in exploring this opportunity, please submit a cover letter and resume to:

Steven Grillo, First Vice-President, SIEDC