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SIEDC has helped service over 3,000 businesses with financing, navigating government, job training and much more. Here are some of our success stories.

New York Fragrance

Gulf Ave was heavily impacted by Hurricane Sandy; flooding posed a serious risk to majorly delaying the construction of a new facility for New York Fragrance. Through SIEDC, Ram Cherukuri was able to get a $250,000 TruFund Financial Hurricane Sandy loan, and a NYBDC $25K Hurricane Sandy loan, at 2% interest, in order to rebuild and continue progress on building his new location.

Margarella Industries

Located on the waterfront of Richmond Terrace, Margarella Industries’ location was completely destroyed, including thousands of dollars worth of machinery and equipment. Through SIEDC, he was also able to secure a TruFund Financial loan for $250,000 to get his company back up and running to pre-storm levels of operation.

JP Hogan

SIEDC assisted the company in securing a $250K TruFund Financial Loan, and a NYBDC $25K Hurricane Sandy Loan. We also were able to provide assistance with Inventory Management Training, Con Ed’s Small Business Efficiency Incentive Program, and understanding Procurement and Real Estate Incentives.