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The West Shore Light Rail (WSLR) could provide a reliable and attractive travel choice for Staten Island residents located in South Shore and Mid-Island communities. The WSLR would extend NJ TRANSIT’s Hudson-Bergen Light Rail system (HBLRT) over the Bayonne Bridge and into western and southern portions of Staten Island and connect to the Staten Island Railway service at the Richmond Valley Station. The HBLRT connects to the PATH subway service for points in Downtown and Midtown Manhattan. Residents in this area of Staten Island now face long and unreliable travel options to Manhattan and other points outside of Staten Island, and also contend with significant traffic congestion on Staten Island itself.

What is Light Rail?

An electric railway system able to operate single or multiple car train sets along shared or exclusive rights-of-way. These systems can be at ground level, on aerial structures, or in streets, and are normally powered by overhead electrical wires.

Benefits of Light Rail include:

  1. Trips diverted from congested roadways
  2. Travel time savings
  3. Improved reliability
  4. Increased property values near stations
  5. Minimize impacts to both the preexisting natural and human-made environment
  6. Minimize community impacts
  7. Support community economic development goals and provide economic benefits to the locations to be served by light rail.