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Staten Island Business Partnership

In late 2017, SIEDC Executive Committee member Phil Guarnieri of Empire State Bank had an idea. He knew that Staten Island’s nonprofit business organizations, representing thousands of firms from around the borough, could make a significant impact on the community if they worked together. That day, the idea for the Staten Island Business Partnership was born.

Since then, two brainstorming meetings of the Partnership have been held with a goal of selecting a project on which all business groups could work collaboratively in 2018. “Utilizing the broad reach and expertise of the participating nonprofit organizations, and the synergies they provide, I’m sure we can make a positive impact on both the business community and for our residents,” Guarnieri said.

Preliminary ideas discussed include workforce readiness trainings, customer service campaigns, hiring programs for those recovering from substance abuse and transportation opportunities.

The initial phase of the efforts will include a major social media campaign with a focus on transit. Partner groups will begin utilizing the hashtag #MoreTransitLessTraffic when focusing on improvements to our roads systems and any infrastructure projects. SIEDC has committed to producing 100 lawn signs with the More Transit Less Traffic message for distribution to its members and other partners will discuss the creation of lawn signs with their memberships and distribute accordingly. Store signs/window decals will be produced with the same messaging for retail establishments to mount and display.

To become a part of the Partnership please contact

Participating organizations include: SIEDC, Building Industry Association of Staten Island, Executive Club of Staten Island, New Dorp Business Improvement District, Northfield LDC, North Shore Rotary Club, SCORE, Small Business Development Center, South Shore Business Improvement District, Staten Island Business Outreach Center and the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce. Other organizations are welcome to join the Partnership, and there are no fees for participating.