Aerial Gondola

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Aerial Gondola


Staten Island to Bayonne Aerial Gondola


Gondolas v. Trams

Vehicles continuously circulate
Cabin Size: 8-15 people
Short headways/frequent trips
System Capacity: >3,000+ PPH
Speed: 11 mph
Aerial Trams
Vehicles shuttle back and forth
Cabin Size: 50-200 people
Longer headways/fewer trips
System Capacity: 2,000 PPP
Speed: 12 mph

Staten Island Transportation

Desperate Times Call for Innovative Measures

  • Residents have one of the longest average commutes in the nation and public transit users routinely travel over 90 minutes one-way to reach Manhattan
  • A gondola presents a new and viable option for moving people by expanding transportation bandwidth in the air in a cost-effective way
  • As the Staten Island Advance said in a recent editorial “We need this kind of bold thinking in order to deal with the Island’s growing transportation challenges.”

Why A Gondola Makes Sense for Staten Island

  • A gondola to connect Staten Island to the rest of the region is not only possible, but extremely viable
  •  SIEDC is not alone – other proposals include connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan and a system to Governors Island
  •  The Roosevelt Island Tram has been a successful operation since 1976
  •  A gondola would give Staten Island an opportunity for transportation equity that it lacks because there is no subway system in the borough

Why Urban Gondolas Are the Future

There are several reasons for considering cable technology for urban applications

  •  Initial cost is lower than rail
  •  Long term maintenance cost lost lower than busses and ferries
  •  Most reliable weather-resistant and safest mass transit in the world
  •  Only profitable transportation system in New York City is the Roosevelt Island Tram
  •  As opposed to other types of mass transit, this project could be entirely funded through private investment

Similar Projects (Built)

  • Portland Aerial Tram Portland, Oregon
  • Roosevelt Island Tram New York City, New York
  • Telefèric de Montjuïc Barcelona, Spain
  • Bondinho do Pão de Açúcar Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Metrocable Medellín, Colombia
  • Mexicable Mexico City
  • Ngong Ping 360 Hong Kong
  • Ba Na Cable Car Da Nang, Vietnam
  • Emirates Air Line London, United Kingdom

Specific Benefits of the Gondola

  • Fewer bus trips to Bayonne made by the S89 and a cost savings to the MTA
  •  New access to jobs for local residents – especially those who are transit dependent
  •  Link to a new mixed use development on the Bayonne side
  •  Creates transit redundancy across the entire network
  • Bike access to new locations
  •  Reduced commute times
  •  New access to light rail system
  •  New access to the waterfront and recreational opportunities
  •  24/7 emergency transit in bad weather

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