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Job Training

SIEDC can help business owners access reimbursements of up to 70% on training wages by connecting them with representatives from New York City Small Business Services. The New York City Small Business Services programs are broken up into two categories Customized Training and On The Job Training.

Customized Training and On-the-Job Training Program

  • What does the training provide: The training program is a competitive program that provides funding to enable New York City business owners to invest in their workforce.
  • What’s in it for you: With financial support, business applicants can afford training programs that can impact a business’s bottom line; for example, by reducing turnover, becoming more efficient or productive, or by increasing and retaining customers.
  • What’s in it for us: As your employees gain new skills and become more valuable, they are compensated with wage increases. This creates a more highly skilled workforce with a better quality of life.

Please reach out to to find out more about these programs.

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