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Moving out of your old home can be quite the hassle. The amount of preparation beforehand is sure to make some people and families overwhelmed by packing their lives into small boxes. Not only can it take forever to get your belongings and goods together, but also with the unequipped moving crew, your belongings can be disorganized and poorly handled.

The best way to prepare for your next move is to move with Drennan Movers. With Drennan Movers, your belongings will be protected, handled safely, and moved efficiently into your new home, making it just as comfortable as your last home.

Originally started as “Staten Island Movers,” Drennan Movers has provided customers with a range of local and long distance moving services for the past 80 years. This family business has been dedicated to providing excellence and satisfaction to customers looking to do anything from residential moving, commercial moving, interstate moving, and storage.

Drennan’s number one goal is to make moving more accessible for you. Let Drennan Movers help you move into your new home with ease. They’ve got you covered whether you’re moving into a new home on Staten Island, in all boroughs of New York City, or anywhere within a 100 mile radius of NYC!

Even if you’re moving further than 100 miles away from your old home, they’ll provide a dedicated truck and crew for expedited service up to 500 miles away. Drennan will even provide you with exclusive use of the truck and professional packing and crating.

As a partner of Wheaton Worldwide Services, Drennan Movers can help you get your belongings and your life where they need to be anywhere in the world. Long before the first truck arrives, you’ll find yourself being met with friendly and supportive service, ready to meet any of your needs for your move.

Their storage options also help your belongings be kept safe and protected always, organized and safely accounted for on their premises. Each day, Drennan Movers’ staff keeps count of the items in their storage with an itemized inventory, so you can know exactly which items are where they belong. Be assured that your belongings have the highest security and protection with Drennan Movers.

Whether it be residential or commercial, Drennan’s moving services will help you, your community, your family, and growing businesses relocate efficiently. It’s this service that has earned them their Better Business Bureau accredited and award-winning reputation in the moving industry.

Call Drennan Movers today at 718-317-5100 or visit to find out how they can help you seamlessly move into the newest chapter of your life.

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