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Sadly, not all marriages can last forever. Complications can arise unexpectedly and even the most experienced of couples sometimes aren’t equipped to handle them. Marriages can end for a number of reasons:

  • You and your spouse aren’t getting along anymore and want to separate
  • Arguments about money and children are straining family relations
  • You or your spouse wants to remarry, or had an infidelity
  • You as a couple want to amend your prenuptial agreements
  • You want to settle a custody agreement

Unfortunately, these types of situations are never easy on a family, especially for children.

Don’t let your divorce become an ugly spectacle. Do the easy thing and call David L. Moreno.

A practicing divorce lawyer on Staten Island, Moreno has been servicing couples and families for the past thirteen years in his private law firm on 1082 Victory Blvd. While divorce is certainly no one’s favorite option, Moreno has you and your partner covered to settle negotiations tranquilly and quickly. Moreno and his team of skilled, professional lawyers can help you get your settlements in order and help you put your life and family first again.

Moreno specializes in a number of services on Staten Island such as creating and reviewing prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, uncontested divorce agreements, child custody, personal injury, and estate planning, if needed. Their team can empathize with your personal situation and take any and all appropriate legal measures to settle your case.

Should you choose Moreno as your lawyer, you’ll not only be getting the best settlement Staten Island can offer, but you’ll also be in the strongest possible position to move on with your life. Contact Moreno’s offices today at 718-727-2327 to find out more about what they can do for you.

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