SIEDC Member of the Month

James O’Keefe, Ph.D.

Vice Provost
Professor of Criminal Justice & Homeland Security
N.Y.P.D. Deputy Commissioner (Ret.)

Dr. James O’Keefe graduated from St. John’s University with his Bachelor of Science degree in 1979. He began his career in law enforcement as a police officer with the Houston Police Department in Houston, Texas. His ten years with the Houston Police Department consisted of sworn service as a uniformed police officer, an undercover officer assigned to the Vice Squad, specifically to investigate narcotics and child pornography cases, and as a special assistant to the chief of patrol. During that time he was the recipient of numerous commendations for excellent police service. Additionally, while serving as a sworn officer, Dr. O’Keefe was one of the initial recipients of the “100 Club of Houston-Law Enforcement Scholarship” and completed his master’s degree in police science and administration. In 1989 he was awarded a Ph.D. in criminal justice administration from the Sam Houston State University Criminal Justice Center.

On October 31, 2011, the Police Commissioner of the City of New York, the Honorable Raymond W. Kelly, announced the appointment of Dr. James O’Keefe as Deputy Commissioner in the New York City Police Department. In February, 2012 he was also appointed by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, to serve as a member of the New York State Municipal Police Training Council in Albany, NY to oversee law enforcement training in New York State. As the Deputy Commissioner for Training, Dr. O’Keefe was responsible for providing over 51,000 sworn and civilian members of the New York City Police Department with the finest and most comprehensive education and training; thereby enhancing their abilities to protect the lives, constitutional rights, property and human dignity of all New Yorkers and visitors to New York City. He managed a command of 412 uniformed police officers (from assistant chief through police officer), 117 civilian employees and typically 1,500 police recruit officers.

In January, 2014, after completing a two and a half year academic leave of absence, Dr. O’Keefe returned to St. John’s University and was appointed vice provost and professor of criminal justice & homeland security for the Staten Island Campus. On this 16.5 acre campus harboring four different colleges within the University, Dr. O’Keefe holds the responsibility of senior academic administrator.

Dr. O’Keefe has published numerous scholarly articles, and is currently a member of the Police Executive Research Forum “Research Advisory Board,” in Washington, D.C.

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